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KINGFA Medical Examination Nitrile Glove

KINGFA Medical Examination Nitrile Glove

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These Gloves are intended to be worn on the hands of healthcare personnel to prevent contamination. This is a single-use, powder-free, non-sterile device.


1. Excellent mechanical strength provides a high level of hand protection.

2. Textured in fingertips for a secure grip.

3. Protection against bacteria and fungi.

4. Skin irritation & sensitization tested.


Certifications and Standards:

ASTM D6319

ASTM F1671

EU Module C2 Certificate


Regulatory Compliance:

21 U.S.C. ch.9

EU 2017/745


EU 2016/425

EC 10/2011

EC 1935/2004


Packaging Size:

Box of 100pcs: 225*120*63 mm

Carton of 100pcs (10 boxes): 330*250*240 mm

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