Supplying You Products Trusted by Hospitals

We are honoured to be able to supply Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital with our products. They use our Oxivir Wipes, Medical Gowns and Nitrile Gloves.

  • Hospital Employees

    Hospital employees understand the need for PPE to keep their workplace as sterile as possible with little to no contamination. This helps keeps them and their patients safe.

  • Food Handling

    People employed front line in the food industry work hard to keep a clean workplace because they know that safe and clean food lead to happier customers.

  • Retail Employees

    When working in retail, you interact with vast amounts of people on a daily basis. Having clean hands goes a long way to keep you and your patrons safe

  • Personal Use

    Wether youre feeling sick and want to wear a mask to protect others, or just touched a gas pump and want to sanitize your hands, we have all you need to keep yourself and others clean and healthy

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We work closely with Home Depot, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and many others to get our products to you when you need them most!

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